Aug 25th [Out of stock] 100GB Atom N2800 users? - Migration to Avoton dedicated 100Mbit/s available

Dear valued customers,All customer with annual billing on 100Mbit/s 100GB Atom N2800 server are eligible to request a migration to Avoton with dedicated 100Mbit/s, 100GB HDD on 2.5Gbit/s server.The price is $48/year but you can get it with your current price which is $36/year.This offer are currently out of stock.Slot details.CPU: Intel® C2750 ... Read More »

Aug 29th [Important] How to renew or cancel your service

Dear valued customer,Seven (7) days before your next renew date, an invoice will be created and send to you by email to your registered email address, and only one (1) reminder will be send one (1) day before your due date.If you decide to renew, please manually pay the invoice as we don't have recurring payment enable on our website.Once the ... Read More »

Aug 10th Ticket and email support available

Dear valued customers,

From today, you may directly email us at sales[at] (sales inquiries) and support[at] (support). Along with normal ticket system trough our website.

Thank you

Aug 1st Support ticket response time

Error/issue with your slot > 2 - 6 hours max (All days)

Request/question/sales   > Up to 24 hours (48 hours on weekend)

Jun 2nd [Important] Invoice payment confirmation email

Dear valued customers,

After you make a payment (new order, renew or add fund), you should receive the invoice payment confirmation email within 5 minutes. If not, please create a ticket to inform us.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you

Mar 9th [Important] Payment complete but no service

Dear new customers,

After your payment completed, please check your inbox and spam folder/filter for "Product details" email. It contain all the service information to access your service and only need 1 - 2 minutes to reach your inbox. But sometimes it may end up in your spam folder.

Thank you

Feb 12th Email

Dear valued customers,

If you expect an email from Leechdrive and it never arrive, please check your spam folder/filter.

Thank you

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