Jul 26th [Resolved] Server down

Update: Server number 14 users has been migrated to a new slot on other server. If 14 was your server, please check your inbox for the new login.1 month extra time has been credited to your account as for compensation.Thank you-----Dear valued customer,One of the server are currently down since last 10 hours, and there is no expected recovery time ... Read More »

Jul 5th [Resolved] Server down - Migration available

Update: There will be no recovery as we had lost the server for the latest update. All affected slot customers will receive a replacemet slot and 1 month extra on your subscription.-----Dear valued customer,One of the server are currently down since last 10 hours, and there is no expected recovery time as of now.Migration to other slot on other ... Read More »

May 11th [Completed] Server number 54 down (Migration)

Update: Dua to no progress on recovery process after 3 hours, all affected slot has been migrated to a new server and compensated for 1 month extra time.If your server number is 54, please check your inbox for new login detail.Thank you-----Dear valued customer,One of our server are currently having issue and can't be accessed, any affected slot ... Read More »

May 6th [Completed] Scheduled Maintenance (May 9th) - Avoton 100Mbps Server

Update: The maintenance has been completed, there is recorded downtime between 30 to 70 minutes. Apologize for this inconvenience.-----Dear valued customer,There will be scheduled maintenance for all avoton 100mbit/s server on Mat 9th, 5AM to 8AM (French timezone), it will last for 3 hours.The expected downtime is up to 3 hours.Thank you Read More »

Dec 29th [Solved] Server down (Avoton no. 36)


The server had a power failure and it is out of service.

All affected slots has been migrated and the users involve has been compensated with 1 month credits.

Thank you


Dear valued customer,

We have one server having a power issue and expected recovery is 24 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Nov 30th [Solved] Server down for network maintenance

Dear values customers,

Several of our servers are currently down for maintenance due to network issue on our server provider side, expected recovery in 24 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Jun 28th [Completed] Avoton server maintenance

Update: All affected servers are currently up and running. Slightly longer than expected as the downtime recorded was 40 minutes.

Thank you


Dear valued customers,

Some of avoton servers currently down for maintenance, expected recovery is in 30 minutes maximum.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Jun 12th [Completed] Migration: Server 44 and 46

Dear valued customers,

Server 44 and 46 are currently down due to end of life issue and our effort to replace pre 2015 server with new avoton server. The affected customers will receive the new login detail for the new server in 24 hours.

One month extra time with be added to affected account as for compensation.

Thank you

May 5th Google Authenticator

Dear valued customers, Your billing account here can be secured by Google Authenticator for better security. Please activate it via the "My Details" page of the client area, located under the "Security Settings" tab (drop down menu on "Hello your-name" on up right corner). Simply click the "Click here to enable" button beneath the "Two-Factor ... Read More »

Dec 10th Rapidleech

Dear valued customers,Our rapidleech server was down since last June. New server as replacement will only be online this June 2018. If you have open ticket about this, apologize for no response. Please let it open as when you bump, it'll auto close by system in 72 hours.Sorry for the inconvenience.Note: As of May 2018, Rapidleech slot will only be ... Read More »

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