Dear valued customers,

All customer with annual billing on 100Mbit/s 100GB Atom N2800 server are eligible to request a migration to Avoton with dedicated 100Mbit/s, 100GB HDD on 1Gbit/s server.
The price is $48/year but you can get it with your current price which is $36/year.

Slot details.
CPU: IntelĀ® C2750 (Avoton)
RAM: 8GB Shared
Space: 100GB / user
Torrent network: 100Mbit/s (hard capped)
Server network: 1Gbit/s
Users: 8 users / server

Stocks are limited, but all eligible users may request to get in queue.
Offer also available for 100GB Atom N2800 monthly customers if you received the email about this.
Please create a ticket to request the migration and specified either do you need a data migration or not.

This will also available for 50GB Atom N2800 annual users this December.

Thank you

Sunday, October 30, 2016

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